They remember the day like it was yesterday. Alicia and Larry could not wait to find out what their 3rd child would be. They hoped it would be a girl because they had 2 amazing boys, Anthony and Ryan.


They had the gender test done early to find out what they were having. Would they be decorating in blue or pink? When they got the phone call they could not believe that the little girl they prayed for was arriving in less than 9 months and would complete their family.

With Daddy and Nana on each side of mommy their sweet little girl arrived on April 15, 2015. Ariella Marie was a dream come true to the Ouellette family. She was beautiful, healthy and perfect in every way.


On April 20, 2017 she had her 2-year-old physical. She was healthy, beautiful and smart. She did not receive any vaccines during her visit that day. After her appointment, Alicia had taken Ariella to her last flower girl dress fitting for a wedding planned the next weekend. She turned heads in the bridal shop and everyone knew she would be the most beautiful flower girl. Later that night, Alicia came home to find her beautiful family watching a movie together. When the movie was over they all played hide and seek for a few minutes before bed, laughing and giggling. They said “I love you” and “goodnight” and went to sleep.


On the morning of April 21, 2017, things changed for the worst. Their world was shattered. Their perfect little family had been crushed. Ariella Marie passed away peacefully in her sleep a week into her second year of life due to unknown causes.


In those two short years she left a little sparkle wherever she went and touched the hearts of everyone she met, even some she never knew. Everyday was a fun and exciting adventure for Ariella. Whether she was trying to keep up with her older brothers, chase her chickens or boss around her best-puppy-friend, Frito, she was always giggling and having fun. She loved to make people laugh and smile. She loved to dance and sing to her favorite songs and watch movies with Daddy. She loved to convince Mommy to paint her toenails all by herself and she would sneak into Mommy’s makeup. Her Daddy really did make sure she wore a bow everyday, even when he spent a year deployed abroad. She loved shoes and taking her babies for walks and loved being independent. She made everyone’s days a little brighter. She was a very special, one-of-a-kind, healthy little girl.


The Ouellette family will never be the same, but they have chosen to keep their daughter’s memory alive. They want the world to know what a true-life angel she was. The joy she brought to her family is indescribable. She will never be forgotten. She now flies with the butterflies.


The mission of this memorial fund is to first use all of the donations to build a memorial playground in Ariella's name in her hometown of Attleboro, MA. More details will be available in the upcoming months. The playground will be fun and vibrant, just like her. Something that will make other kids laugh and smile, just like she did.


There will be specific fundraisers in the next year to raise money for the playground project. Once this is complete, we will continue to keep Ariella’s spirit alive by raising funds for kids in the form of scholarships. Ariella was a shining light of energy and as stated above, loved to dance and sing and play outside. The scholarships will provide the opportunity for kids to go to dance lessons, singing lessons, summer camps, and pursue outdoor adventures.


You can make a donation by going to the donation page and clicking on the “Ariella Marie Memorial foundation” donate button. Feel free to print out a copy of your receipt for your tax records. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated at any time and 100% of funds will be put back into the community. All administration is volunteer.


“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. Always let your sparkle shine.”

April 15, 2015 - April 21, 2017


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